Gert Van de Keuken

Directeur artistique Studio EDELKOORT

Gert van de Keuken, creative director from Studio Edelkoort, has a background in business economy and fine arts, and possess a long experience and expertise in trend forecasting and lifestyle research. His knowledge ranges from consumer attitudes to fashion and accessories, architecture and design to automotive, com- munication to electronic devices, well-being and cosmetics to food, gardening and flowers to leisure, sports and services. Analyzing all this elements regarding a specific company, he provides consulting for brand identity positioning and strategy.

Gert van de Keuken is collaborating with Studio Edelkoort for nearly 20 years. Researching and decrypting trends for all industries and conducting long-ranging lifestyle analysis for the world’s leading brands, he orientates professionals in interpreting the evolution of society and the foreshadowing signals of consumer tastes to come, without forgetting economic reality. Creation of specific studies includes reflexion, analysis, open research, blended with lifestyle trends and
the synthesis of all these informations. It includes also the visualization and the construction of powerpoint presentations (iconographic research, summary texts and key words). These studies act as a profound source of information and strategic tool through a better understanding of upcoming behaviours and their implications regarding your brand and creations.